Phonak Audeo B-R

Phonak Audeo B hearing aids were created to simplify your life and make hearing effortless.

Phonak Audeo B-R - Surprise, AZ

When you can enjoy 24 hours of hearing with one simple charge, life is on. From the world’s leading provider of life-changing hearing solutions comes the quickest charging, longest lasting rechargeable hearing aids ever.

Quickest charging, longest lasting

Phonak rechargeable hearing aids are the quickest charging, longest lasting rechargeable hearing aids on the market. In fact, they give you 24 hours* of hearing with a simple 3-hour charge. If you’re in a rush, you can rely on a short 30-minute charge to give you up to 6 hours of full performance. Plus, they come with easy-to-use smart charging options, charge up wherever you are, without having to worry about running out of power.

Fully automatic for effortless listening everywhere

Running on the AutoSense OS operating system, Phonak rechargeable hearing aids seamlessly adapt to sounds wherever you are. Without having to adjust your hearing aids manually, you can enjoy unmatched hearing performance…wherever life takes you.

Understand more in noise

By zooming in on a single voice in a noisy environment you can experience 60% improved speech understanding – versus without hearing aids.

Hear quiet voices

10% improvement in soft-speech understanding with our newest products.

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